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huby swab for cleanroom

Laundry service

Particle care is one of the important factors for semiconductor process and it should be managed essentially. Therefore, all the garments should be washed with exclusive cleanroom facility and packed in cleanroom environment. We provide the solutions for customer requirements with our exclusive cleanroom facility.


Management for all customers’ laundry from washing to delivery.

Personal delivery service

Delivery and pick up service following the customers’ schedule.

Individual vacuum packing

Improve the stability and convenience trough the Individual vacuum packing.

Bar code
management system

Management for laundry record by Bar code system (option).


Feature of cleanroom laundry service

  • Finish the washing in clean area by install of filters.

  • Two door washing machine: Put the laundry in unclean area and finish the washing in clean area.

  • Take the domestic Audit and Cleaning Validation.

  • Final rinsing with purified water

  • The nation’ s first exclusive pharmaceutical cleanroom facility

  • Laundry for cleanroom system equal to semiconductor level


Cleanroom laundry service system

Pick up. Washing. Packing. Delivery

One stop service


Pick up, Washing,
Packing, Delivery

One stop






Bar code control

3.Bar code control

Washing with exclusive washing machine.

4.Washing with exclusive washing machine.

Rinsing and dry

5.Rinsing and dry

Particle test

6.Particle test

Vacuum packing in cleanroom

7.Vacuum packing in cleanroom